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Jun 16, 2014

The new Motorway user charge (VIGNETTE) in Latvia from July 2014

The new Motorway user charge (VIGNETTE) for vehicles weighing over 3,5 tons is introduced in Latvia from July 2014. The charge will need to be paid before the vehicle enters the country. 

The new charge (Electronic Vignette) is introduced for the usage of the main state roads in Latvia by vehicles having the gross weight exceeding 3500 kilograms and which are intended or are used for the carriage of goods by road. The Vignette is available on-line (payments with all kind of bank cards) and at main Statoil motorway stations in Latvia where you can purchase it conveniently with your Statoil EUROPE card and any other fuel card with ROUTEX function (alternatively, payment is possible also by cash or bank cards).
Additional information (Rates, Road netowrk, Payment and Regulations) is available here:

Please contact Statoil customer service for more detailed information.

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