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May 22, 2015

Statoil Truckers Club

Finding a place to take a long stop can be a challenge. Especially as concerns about attacks on cargo, drivers and vehicles are on the rise - the establishment of secure truck parking sites and associated services is becoming increasingly important.

Our customers have valuable goods in their trucks that represent a large risk for theft and robberies along the road. We would like to help to reduce the risk for crime and losses and at the same time provide the facilities that the drivers need for their long stop along the road.

Extended offer – all in one stop
Statoil Truckers Club offers a wide range of services designed for truck drivers at Statoil E6 Minnesund, Statoil E6 Berger, Statoil E6 Vestby Nord and Statoil Åndalsnes, Norway.

At Statoil E6 Minnesund we are happy to welcome you to our Truckers Club with secure parking- a new offer with focus on the truck driver

  • 4200 sqm secure parking area
  • Parking for 26 trucks
  • 24 hour camera surveillance
  • Security lighting and barrier

The price is NOK 200,- per 24 hour, pay for parking at the service station before exit

Truckers Club
Register as a member of our exclusive
Truckers Club for a range of benefits

  • 25% discount on parking
  • 25% discount on today’s meal
  • Free access to the truckers lounge,
  • Wi-Fi, laundry and relax area with TV

Membership: NOK 1000,- per year

Membership includes discounts and access to truckers lounge at Statoil E6 Minnesund, Statoil E6 Berger, Statoil E6 Vestby Nord and Statoil Åndalsnes.
Discounts are applied at the cashier in the service station on presentation of membership card. Membership cards also give access to the truckers lounge. In order to register as a member you must have a Statoil Truck card or a Statoil EUROPE card.

Truckers Club with secure parking at Minnesund- a new offer with focus on the truck driver
Statoil E6-Minnesund
Feiringveien 23, 2092 Minnesund.
Phone +47 63 96 82 40

Please find aditional information and registration form attached is here


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