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Derry Crean

Nov 16, 2018

Meet the Expert: Derry Crean

In a new series around Circle K's commitment to its business customers, we delve into the many benefits behind the company’s offering and how its people are truly thought leaders in the industry. We recently spoke with Circle K’s top card and payment expert about his experiences in the industry.

Tell me a little about yourself.
With the business over 15 years across a wide range of roles in finance and supporting B2B sales teams.
What is your favourite part of your job? What do you like most about working at Circle K?
Working with our talented and dedicated teams to deliver customer focussed solutions. Challenging how we do things and striving for continuous improvement. Exciting time to be working in CK as our industry is now meeting transformational change and I’m energised by the need to work at 2 clock speeds – delivering traditional solutions in a better way and working to shape how we deliver to customers in the future.
What do you see as the most exciting thing happening in the fuel and convenience industry today?
Rapid pace of change in the traditional areas of core products and payment methods.
What is the most important thing you have learned while working at Circle K?
Listen to your customers to ensure you can match and exceed their actual expectations. What’s important to them must be important to us! Building trust with customers will greatly facilitate long term retention in times of change and challenge and will also enhance partnership approach can be fostered over time for mutual benefit.
If you can give one piece of advice to our customer related to your Circle K service/offering what would it be?
Give your account manager time to explain TCO – you will not regret it! We’re working hard to make it easier to be with CK and get to where you need to go!
Talk about some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your specific area of work, both with Circle K and before joining Circle K.
The company has changed a lot over the recent years and with that has come people and system changes which have required a lot of effort and focus to initially ensure  continuity of delivery and then improvement and innovation. The plus is that as the business continues to evolve and change we have people who are knowledgeable and experienced but also flexible and willing to learn new things and grow
Any good examples or experiences with a customer?
Many examples of where we have initial business ideas and can engage with customers to get their input as part of improving and refining the final proposition.

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