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Jan 17, 2018

Meet the expert: Sjur Haugen

In a new series around Circle K's commitment to its business customers, we delve into the many benefits behind the company’s offering and how its people are truly thought leaders in the industry. We recently spoke with Circle K’s expert in product development about how he’s helping to shape Circle K’s business offering with technological breakthroughs

Transportation industry changes on the horizon

As Director of Product Quality & Development at Circle K Europe, Sjur Haugen is well-equipped with a team that’s keenly focussed on technological breakthrough opportunities – big and small – for the benefit not only to Circle K, but also to the environment, its customers and the full value chain.
Sjur Haugen
Within the highly-competitive product development business, Haugen and his team are showcasing Circle K’s full commitment to its main category of high-quality fuels, in addition to being a thought-leader with its creativity and pioneering in many key areas including sustainability, mapping and looking at future alternative fuel options.
“To be part of this exciting journey, representing new challenges and new opportunities is what really excites me,” says Haugen.

Expert experience that’s unmatched

While Haugen has been with Circle K since 2012, his professional experience in the oil, gas and energy industry dates back over 30 years.
On the product development end, Haugen is continuously on the lookout for technological breakthroughs and prospects related to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel.
“I take tremendous pride in my team’s role, considering that we’re at the forefront of embracing new and even more sustainable fuel alternatives, which will make it more practical for our customers to meet their own sustainability goals,” says Haugen.
He’s also always on the lookout for ways where the company can collaborate with others in the industry and to introduce more opportunities to alternative fuels like bio fuels and electric mobility.
“It’s rewarding to us knowing that in Circle K’s collaborations with other players in the automotive industry, we’ve been able to see progress in significantly reducing noxious chemicals like sulphur and nitrogen oxides and particles for a healthier environment.”

Change on the road to the future

When considering the various dynamics that will influence the transportation industry in the near and longer-term future, it’s an exciting time for the industry as it’s a certainty that elements like expanding global urbanization, the Internet of Things, economic growth and a continued increase in environmental concerns will represent chances at ground-breaking change for Circle K, its competitors and its customers.
As a growth company, Circle K offers a "highly-inspiring environment,” according to Haugen.
"We recently finalised an agreement to develop and deploy a range of next-generation super chargers at our fuelling stations throughout Europe. This marks a great opportunity to learn and test new business models and other potential options for us.”

Innovation goes further than just fuel

Reducing its customers’ total cost of transportation is a result of more than just Circle K’s premium and innovative fuel offering that Haugen is involved with. That same innovative mindset is also playing a vital role into the company’s other products, services and locations around the world as it continues to find ways to help customers and businesses achieve improved efficiency, minimizing their total transportation costs.
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