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Dec 6, 2017

Meet the expert: Johan Bolkéus

In a new series around Circle K's commitment to its business customers, we delve into the many benefits behind the company’s offering and how its people are truly thought leaders in the industry. We recently spoke with Circle K’s expert in sales training about how he’s helping to shape Circle K’s business offering.

Fully committed from the very start

Business customers from industries around the globe rely on Circle K's range of premium products and services to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently, while reducing their overall transportation costs.
According to a recent Gartner research study, the single most important driver for customer loyalty in today’s rapidly-moving business environment is the sales experience. And this is why Circle K is fully committed to providing its own unique experiences of value when engaging with its existing and potential business customers in various touchpoints, and especially around sales and training.

Johan at pumps
Johan Bolkéus is Senior Manager, B2B and Card Sales at Circle K, specialising in both sales training and sales process development. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, his broad knowledge and experience in the European market comes from his 25 years in the industry, including the latter 12 years with Circle K.

Bolkéus knows a thing or two about the value that today’s business decision makers are looking out for when it comes to Circle K’s offering. His responsibilities include the development and training of the company's employees in all of its European regions, covering nine different business units across Europe.

Passion to reducing total transportation costs

It's what some would label a perfect fit for Bolkéus, considering his dedication to providing the most value for Circle K business customers. That value is a key to ensuring satisfied and loyal customers that are seeing the advantages of Circle K’s complete offering of products and services, of which benefit each customer in their own unique ways, from overall cost-savings to operational efficiency.

It's an offering that includes everything from premium fuels to a global network of convenient locations that provide secure parking and card fraud protection, as well as a full range of superior products and amenities for driver comfort.

"I have a genuine passion in developing our sales people. And we see that translate immediately into the creation of high-value opportunity for our global transportation customers," says Bolkéus.

While the company's premium and economical fuel offering plays a vital role in its customers' day-to-day operational cost-savings, there are several other elements that demonstrate how Circle K is helping business customers to reduce their total transportation costs.

"It’s my drive to help develop our people to reach their full potential. And not just because it's good for our business. More importantly, it provides a platform that allows our sales and customer service people to be the best where they're able to bring to life and tell the story of the premium products and services that bring value and reductions in transportation costs to Circle K business customers around the world."

A few percentage points yields big savings

Customers focusing on just fuel discounts risk overlooking their significant cost savings that could total up to 10 times more in additional savings. Let's take an example of a freight company with annual total transportation costs totalling 2.5 million EUR. When focusing on an initial Circle K fuel discount of 1 cent per litre, the customer will see a 0,2% discount, which comes out to a 5,000 EUR in savings from its transportation costs.

If we go a step further and look at distance and fuel consumption being reduced, given the positive effect of Circle K's offering and numerous location advantage, this same company is suddenly looking at a 77,500 EUR (3.1%) reduction in transportation costs.
Scania cost spilt diagram
Scania cost spilt diagram 

Innovation in the industry looks promising

We're not quite fully there yet, but are starting to see an increase in business executives and business decision makers relying more and more on fuel products that are based on renewable raw materials and electrical vehicles.

Car producers and heavy vehicle manufacturers invest heavily in electrical vehicles. Tesla recently launched The Tesla Semi, which is an all-electric heavy-duty truck. And with electric energy costs being half that of diesel, the Semi boasts a range of up to 500 miles (805 kilometres) on a single charge.

It’s clear that reducing the environmental footprint (CO2) will be play an even larger role as a competitive factor for companies selling transport services in the future

Bolkéus is anticipating plenty of innovation in the future as well, some of which he and Circle K customers are already beginning to see elements of.

"With each passing year, our industry is witnessing additional alternatives to fossil fuels. And this rebalance brings opportunity for both Circle K, with an improved offering scope, and for our customers," says Bolkéus.

"We see a future where Circle K customers will not only utilize our network of secure locations to potentially be able to migrate to and charge their electrical vehicles, but also a future where our customers are provided with the absolute best environmental fuel profile in the market, having less and less of an environmental footprint."

While this innovation factor is clearly on the forefront for Circle K that will see even more value for its business customers around the globe in the future, the benefits are quite plentiful today, where B2B customers are already benefitting from reducing their overall transportation costs.

Interested in hearing more about how Circle K can help you reduce your total transportation costs? Get in touch today!

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