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Oct 27, 2016

The Fréjus Card – new product available for Circle K EUROPE card!

The Fréjus tunnel is almost 13 kilometers long and runs from Modane (FR) to Bardonecchia (IT). It is one of the major trans-Alpine transport routes between France and Italy. The Fréjus Card is a vehicle-related discount card for heavy goods vehicles and can be used for cashless settlement of tunnel fees at tunnel du Mont Blanc and tunnel du Fréjus at a discounted price.

Each Fréjus Card is directly related to a specific vehicle. In addition to the Fréjus Card you will also receive a sticker that has to be put on your windshield. As a holder of a Fréjus Card you can save twice: You receive a discounted fare price when presenting your Fréjus Card at either tunnel and on top of that you can benefit from an annual volume-based discount which will be reimbursed in the following year!

Tariffs and Rebates
Tariffs vary according to vehicle size and Euro emission class. Fréjus card holders who cross the tunnels with heavy vehicles will be charged a price which is 20% lower than the standard fare as they will be charged 50% of a return ticket instead of the price for a single crossing. In addition, a yearly rebate is calculated per customer with 13% if the turnover exceeds 4,000 euros and 10% if the turnover is below 4,000 euros. Rebate amounts below 75 euros will not be paid out.

A deposit is not required. Fréjus does charge a fee of five euros for any replacement card. Failure to return the card after the end of usage or the termination of the fuel card contract will also result in a fee of five euros.

Registration Process
Registration of the Fréjus Card is easy and will be supported via the Trafineo web portal (Card E-services). For validation of the Emission Class a copy of the vehicle registration document (alternatively a CEMT-document) is required. The Fréjus Card will be directly sent to your premises.

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