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Nov 6, 2015

New Russian Electronic Toll Collection system (from 15 November 2015)

As of 15 November 2015 the new Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system for trucks over 12 tones gross weight (except busses) will be implemented and operated by Platon ETC on behalf of the Russian federal state.

Tolls will be charged on all Russian federal highways, all together more than 50 000 km in Russia. These charges will apply to both domestic and foreign trucks and the rate is expected to be 3.73 Russian ruble per km. On-board units (OBUs) will only be available for companies registered in Russia. Everyone else needs to buy a single trip toll ticket. The ETC is can be purchased in advance, before driving a HGV on the Russian federal highways. This can be done in several ways:

• Registering at a Toll Service Office;
• Registering at the Customer Portal;
• Registering at a Toll Collect Terminal

Please note that Statoil Europe cards are NOT accepted as a payment card for this service in Russia.  Instead customers have to use a bank card or direct transfer (payment) to the service provider as described above.

For more details please visit the Toll operator’s web page or contact Statoil Customer service!

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