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Feb 27, 2015

EKAER- new control system in Hungary

Starting from 1st of March 2015 the Hungarian authorities are implementing a new control system- EKAER- concerning the road transport of goods. The system is required that both internal transports of goods in Hungary as well as border crossing transports from or to Hungary with a vehicle with total weight over 3,5 tons must be reported.

In the Hungarian national legislation has been determined the limits and products which are concerned by the reporting obligation. The party liable for the reporting is either the dispatcher or the receiver of the goods. The transport company who performs the transport is not liable to report but it is important to make sure that the dispatcher/receiver has fulfilled his obligation. If reporting obligation has been neglected, the Hungarian authorities are entitled to stop the transport and even confiscate the cargo until the obligations have been fulfilled.

It is therefore recommended for the transport companies to register into the EKAER-system and apply for EKAER-certificate in order to be able to verify that the reporting obligation has been taken care of.
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