Circle K EUROPE card

Wherever in Europe you may be, a Circle K EUROPE card with ROUTEX function is your key to cashless access to quality fuels, lubricants and other on-road products and services. ROUTEX is one of the biggest fuelling networks in Europe.

Your Circle K EUROPE card provides access to more than 17,000 locations in 29 countries, including over 9,000 sites suitable for truck and bus customers. Circle K EUROPE cards are accepted by most toll operators across Europe, including electronic road tolls.

Your Circle K EUROPE card keeps you moving even in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, providing professional breakdown services for trucks and buses all across Europe. Wherever in Europe you may go, a filling station or service provider that accepts your Circle K EUROPE card is always nearby.

Circle K EUROPE card

 - The key to one of the largest refuelling networks in Europe.
- To be used in 29 countries and 17.000 fuel sites
- Includes road tolls and breakdown services
- Offers VAT and diesel tax refunds
- VAT invoices allowing swift VAT reclaim are provided
- Highest security with online authorisation and mandatory PIN across Europe


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