Truck stop maps

Use your Circle K EUROPE card in 29 countries and at 17 000 sites. 

Plan your route or search for sites all over Europe that accept your Circle K EUROPE card. Whether you are driving a car or a truck with special goods, our Route Planner & Site Finder will help you plan ahead!

• Find Truck stops using our interactive map
• Save your favourite searches in MyCircleK and send maps with route descriptions to your drivers
• Download detailed maps of strategically located sites along all major European road corridors that provide the services and facilities required by today´s hauliers.

Interactive truck stop map:

Car & Van search: Find any of the 17,000 sites that accept your Circle K EUROPE card. Use this filter if you drive a passenger car, a van or a light commercial vehicle.
Truck & Bus search: Find sites that are suitable for your truck or bus. Select the “R4T” filter to find the best 1,000 truck stops on major transport corridors across Europe
Country list: Find sites where your Circle K EUROPE card will always be welcome!

Your search results can be printed out, saved as a PDF document or sent by email using the Print & Export function located under the map.

Benefits of MyCircleK:
  • Create an account just for you
  • Search, plan and store your queries for re-use later
  • E-mail your planned routes and selected sites to your drivers
  • Check maps or print route descriptions with a range of options


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